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Design & Development

Using state-of-the-art design and engineering software, and other development tools, our team of engineers work with inventors and their innovations in all stages of development. Whether you are an experienced inventor with a fully developed product or just a regular guy with a great idea, Chesed Direct works with you to manufacture an attractive marketable product in virtually all industries.

We Come in at Any Point in the Inventive Process

Whether your idea is just a sketch on a paper or already in production, we can join in the process, vetting design concepts and applying our 30 years product launching experience to help finalize the concept and design in a form most effective for the direct market arena.

If You’ve Got the Dream, We’ve Got the Vision

Many of our most successful products started right here: someone at home with the next great idea and a dream. We invite you to safely share your idea with us, let our experts review your product and help you get it made, boxed, marketed and on it’s way to millions!
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